Paulina Melikhova
God's Business

God's Business
Paulina Melikhova

The Heavenly God wants to put man name George into test. Will George complete his mission? Will he understand something?

Paulina Melikhova

God's Business

"In the beginning was the Word. He Himself had no beginning, but existed forever. In the past that the human mind can grasp, the Lord Jesus was always. He was never created. He had no beginning."

John chapter 1 – Bible -

Why don't they believe

me? – God was surprised.

The Apostle Peter stood by and

he shook his head sympathetically.

Not that they don't believe, Lord!

They just don't care now!

Here you came up with! And when will they

will be before then?

I don't know Lord. First

love, then success, then pleasure, and then faith …

Not great, not great … -God

shook his head.

Let's try them

stir up.!

Is God up to something?

Peter winked at the Heavenly King.



Two were sitting on the pier, and at their feet the Black Sea was serenely splashing, thick, giving off greenish and a little lilac.

– Here, Taylor, tell me! What do you think God should be doing there in heaven?

“I don’t know, Georges. Giving people work, I guess …

– But you're right, Taylor! Without work – a person is like a hamster in an aquarium. So, entertainment for the Gods. And when he works, his work is appreciated, then he is no longer a pawn, he can change someone. Do you smoke?

– I smoke, Georges. How did you choose your profession, Georges? Where can I find this stupid job?

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